Are you starting to play Roblox? 5 tricks you should know

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Roblox is the perfect platform to build things, play and hang out with friends. However, if you are new, all the options that Roblox offers you at startup can seem a bit overwhelming.

But do not worry, here are the 5 best tricks for Roblox, which will be very helpful when you start playing.

Roblox is more enjoyable if you create an account

To enjoy the thousands of games offered by Roblox, it is not necessary to create an account. However, with an account you can make use of unlimited customization options to create your character and your own world.

In addition, you will have the possibility to add friends and keep in touch with the users you meet while you play. In short, with an account, Roblox ceases to be a simple game and becomes a very entertaining social network. So, if you have not already done so, register now!

The equipment comes first!

As soon as you enter a game in Roblox, the first thing you should do is look for the level equipment. That is, all those resources, such as weapons, construction tools, power-ups or even cars, that will allow you to advance in the game.

Of course, some levels (very few) are paid and include microtransactions that make it impossible to move forward if you don’t spend real money. Therefore, before entering a level, it is important that you read the details of it to make sure you do not have microtransactions, in case you do not want to spend money.

Organize the inventory and make the most of it by creating shortcuts

Having the messy inventory is a problem. When you are at the key moment of a game and cannot find the object you need, you will realize that. Therefore, touch the button of the backpack when you are playing to organize the inventory or do it from the official website .

You can also drag an item from your inventory to the upper left of the screen to create a shortcut. That way, you can use the item you need quickly without having to open the backpack.

Be good in the worlds you visit to win medals

Roblox is a platform where most worlds and games are created by users like you. Therefore, it is normal for you to find faulty or badly made creations. Despite that, at all times you must demonstrate good behavior when playing Roblox; Be respectful and treat users in a friendly way.

That way, you will not be expelled from the worlds, you will be well received by everyone and you will earn more visiting medals (the most valued by the community). The more places you visit, the more visiting medals you will get as long as you behave. These types of medals will make users want to invite you to their worlds. If you don’t have several visiting medals, you are unlikely to receive invitations.

Improve the graphic quality of Roblox on your mobile

Without a doubt, Roblox is not one of the games with the best graphics for Android. Luckily, to make it look a little better, there is an option that allows you to improve the graphic quality of the game. If you play from the mobile application, you can use this option in this way:

When you are playing, press the three horizontal lines located in the upper left corner of the screen.
Select the Settings option.
Change the Graphics Mode to Manual.
In the Graphic quality option, press the “+” button to improve the graphics to your liking.
Do not expect a very noticeable graphic improvement, especially if you have a high or medium range mobile and the game had already configured the best possible graphics with automatic mode.

We hope that these tricks and tips will help you start enjoying this fantastic game. If you have any problem playing it, we recommend you visit the following link to know all the errors and solutions of Roblox.

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